Drum Concrete Mixer

Drum Concrete Mixer

Concrete drum mixer is a self-reverse concrete drum mixer. So it is also named reverse drum concrete mixer due to its working principle. It usually rotates in normal direction for mixing and in opposite direction for discharging. The concrete mixture can be mixed evenly in this mixing way. Thus, it is more suitable for mixing plastic concrete, semi-plastic concrete and dry hard concrete. It has wide application fields, such as highways, bridges, tunnels, harbors, various concrete factories and small-medium construction engineering. Usually, it attracts many customers at home and aboard due to its obvious feature of simple structure, good mixing effect, high reliability, perfect performance, high productivity, less noise, less energy consumption, easy operation and maintenance. Our concrete drum mixers have been exported to various countries and most of them have high raise on the concrete mixing machine.

Drum Concrete Mixers Sort into JZC Series and JZM Series

According to the transmission device, it can be classified into JZC series and JZM series. JZM series concrete mixers use friction transmission that is dependent on friction between rubber roller and mixer to drive mixer mixing drum rotating. JZM series models include JZM 350 and JZM 500. For JZC series concrete mixers, the drum mixing is driven by gear. There are JZC 350, JZC 500 and JZC 750. According to discharging method, the concrete drum mixer also be called non tilting drum mixer. While in terms of materials feeding ways, it is sometimes known as tilting drum concrete mixer.

self loading mixer
1.2 m3 self loading drum concrete mixer
Drum geometrical capacity 1700L
Discharge Capacity 1200L
Rated Power 55kw
Gear box model ZL-265
Drum mixing speed (r/min) 13
Chassis Max.Speed (kn/h) 30
Maximum grade 30º
self loading mixer for sale
1.8 m3 self loading drum concrete mixer
Drum geometrical capacity 2680L
Discharge Capacity 1800L
Rated Power 78kw
Gear box model ZL-265
Fuel tank 63L
Water tank 400L
Drum rotate 270º
2.6 m3 self loading mixer
2.6 m3 self loading drum concrete mixer
Drum geometrical capacity 3580L
Discharge Capacity 2600L
Rated Power 78kw
Gear box model ZL-280 power shift transmission
Drum mixing speed (r/min) 13
Chassis Max.Speed (kn/h) 30
Maximum grade 30º

Systems of Reversing Drum Concrete Mixers

1.Mixing system

The mixer drum is double-cone shape. In the inner side of mixer drum, it is welded with mixing blades with different height. When the materials are mixed, the blades will make the materials in different positions. With blades rotating, the materials at high position will drop automatically. This process is repeated until the concrete can be mixed uniformly with strong rotating strength. After that, the concrete will discharge in reverse rotating.

Mixing System of drum concrete mixer
Mixing System

2.Feeding system

The feeding system consists of winding gear, feeding hopper and charging hopper. The hopper’s upping is driven by transmission device with steel rope along feeding trails. When the hopper climbs a certain height, the hopper door will open automatically. Then, the aggregate will be poured into the mixer drum.

3.Transmission system

The transmission system of drum mixer for sale includes motor, reducer, mixing drum, pinion and big gear rings. The drum of JZC series is driven by gear transmission with the pinion and big gear rings, while the drum of JZM series is driven by friction transmission, the friction is made between anti-wearing rubber roller and mix drum raceways.

Transmission System
Transmission System
Water Supply System
Water Supply System

4.Water supply system

The water supply system is composed of motor, water pump, water tank etc.

Power on the water pump, the water will flow into the mixer drum. The water pump running time can be controlled by the time-delay, which is set on the electric control system.

5.Electric control system

This reversible drum mixer is equipped with electric control system. The running of whole equipment is controlled by electric control system, which simplifies the operation procedures. Besides, the electric control system is centralized in the press buttons. That makes users operate and maintain easily.

Electric Control System
Electric Control System

Working Principle

JZC series and JZM series concrete drum mixers use rotating mixing way. The shape of drum is double-cone. The materials are put into the mixer drum. There are high and low mixing blades in the inner side of mixer drum. The mixing blades have a certain angle with the shafting line. With blades rotating, the materials can be raised a certain height. In the meantime, rotating blades make the concrete location redistributed. Then the materials will fall free on their own weight with rotating mixer drum. So repeatedly, stop until the mixture is mixed evenly. Then the mixing blades will rotate reversely to discharge concrete.

Several operation cautions

1. The reversing drum mixer should be placed on a flat and firm ground. There should be good drainage channels around. After in place, the supporting legs should support the rack to reach horizontal position.

2. Before working, the reversible concrete mixer should be tested running. When the test run is going on, the operator should check whether the noise of concrete drum mixer is normal and confirm that the mixing drum and mixing blades are all in perfect condition.

3. When the mixer is working, the operator is forbidden to put the hands, hand or instruments into the mixing drum. In operation, when the hopper is lifted, no one is allowed to stop and pass under the hoisted hopper. When the hopper needs to be repaired and cleaned, the hopper should be locked with a chain after hoisted.

4. The feeding procedure should be carried out during mixer drum rotating. Don’t add new materials until all concrete in the drum is discharged.

5. After work, clear the reversible drum type concrete mixer thoroughly. When the operator enters into the drum, cut off power or unload the fuse, lock switch box. In winter, the stagnant water in water pump, water release and water discharge should be exhausted.

Above introduction about concrete drum mixer can help you a lot. Apart from concrete drum mixer, we have diesel concrete mixer, electric concrete mixer, mobile concrete mixer….. If you want one, please never hesitate to contact us.

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